Freshly cleaned carpet or tile affects home value

cleaned carpet or tile affects home value

If you are trying to sell your home, cleaning your carpet and tile can greatly increase the value of your home for potential buyers. Cleaning your carpet and tile can make old flooring look new. Freshly cleaned carpet will also help eliminate odors. There is nothing better for a potential buyer than the fresh smell […] Read more »

Tile and Grout Cleaning in Kissimmee, Florida

Tile and stone can look beautiful in your home, but regular cleaning is very important.  Even though you can do tile and grout cleaning yourself, it is important to have a professional like Logan Carpet Cleaning, Inc. to come in every 6-12 months to give your tile floor a professional clean. Logan Carpet Cleaning, Inc. […] Read more »

Professional Carpet Cleaner vs DIY

professional carpet cleaner

If your carpets are dirty then you might think about cleaning them yourself or hiring a professional carpet cleaner. A major advantage of cleaning your carpet yourself will save you money. You will have to make sure you get the correct cleaning solutions and equipment. You can rent carpet cleaning equipment, but how do you […] Read more »

Professional Tile Cleaning vs DIY

professional tile cleaning

Many homes have grouted tile in the kitchens, bathrooms, patios and living areas. Tile can make homes look modern and sleek depending on decor styles. It is difficult for many homeowners to keep the tile clean and bright. The main benefit of cleaning your own tile and grout is the cost. You only need chemicals […] Read more »

Carpet Cleaning Myths

carpet cleaning myth

There are many myths that people have when it comes to carpet cleaning here are the top 4: If a carpet doesn’t look dirty, it must be clean. Truth: Microscopic dust particles and germs can get embedded in carpet fibers. Professional carpet cleaning cleans the dirt you can’t see. New carpet doesn’t need to be […] Read more »