Carpet Cleaning in Daycare’s

Regular carpet cleaning in a daycare is vital to success. Not only will it keep up attendance, it can promote health and safety. Young children stay at a daycare facility all day and there is an increased chance that germs are spreading to surfaces and dirt tracked on carpet and floors. There can also be high volume of spills, mishaps and germs. Children tend to play, roll around, and sleep on the carpet. This is the ideal place for germs and bacteria to multiply. When cleaning a carpet where germs and bacteria are involved, vacuuming will not suffice. Due to these circumstances it is vital for professional carpet cleaning in daycare’s.

Regular carpet cleaning in a daycare will also increase the life expectancy of your carpet. This can improve everyone’s health including employees. Our trained experts at Logan’s possess the knowledge and tools to make sure your carpet and flooring is clean and sanitized. Through steam cleaning we will remove dirt, spills, stains and germs and bacteria. We understand the specific needs of each customer and we will build a program designed to fit your needs.

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