Carpet Cleaning Myths

There are many myths that people have when it comes to carpet cleaning here are the top 4:

  • If a carpet doesn’t look dirty, it must be clean.

Truth: Microscopic dust particles and germs can get embedded in carpet fibers. Professional carpet cleaning cleans the dirt you can’t see.

  • New carpet doesn’t need to be cleaned.

Truth: New carpet contains many chemicals producers use in production. A professional, deep cleaning can remove those chemicals and greatly improve the air in a home.

  • Using scented powders can help make a carpet smell good and is safe on carpet.

Truth: These powders create dust in the home and the essential oils used can damage fibers. Professional carpet cleaning can improve the smell of carpet without leaving residue behind.

  • Carpet cleaning is only for special occasions.

Truth: Regular professional carpet cleaning can improve indoor air quality as well as prolong the life of your carpet.

Professional carpet cleaning has many benefits that many may not realize. The professionals at Logan’s can help clear up any myths.