Commercial Carpet Cleaning Kissimmee FL and Surrounding Areas

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Kissimmee FLCommercial carpeting takes a lot of abuse. In a typical office or retail setting, people are walking across it for eight hours a day or more. If carpets are not cleaned regularly, tracked-in sand particles can cause significant damage to carpet fibers, and stains from large spills may become permanent. This results in compressed, worn and discolored carpeting.

The Cost of a Dirty Workplace Carpet

Vacuuming is helpful for removing visible dirt, but without sufficient deep cleaning, your office carpet quickly becomes filled with trapped food particles, dirt, grime, dust, pollen and mold spores. This can affect the health of your employees and decrease their productivity. Moldy, smelly carpeting can even trigger migraines, and these often result in missed work days. A dirty carpet makes a bad impression on new clients and customers. Eventually, a neglected carpet can even contribute to a loss of profit. Fortunately, there is an easier solution than replacing your expensive commercial carpets.

Let Us Be Your Solution

Regular professional cleaning adds years to the life of carpets, even in high-traffic settings. Our expertly trained technicians have all the tools needed to make your carpets look, smell and feel fresh again. We’ll work with your schedule to maintain your carpets and keep your work environment clean, healthy and safe for your employees and clients, so you can focus on running your business. A clean carpet makes a great first impression, so don’t waste time; let our skills help you improve your workplace and protect and your bottom line.