Professional Carpet Cleaner vs DIY

professional carpet cleaner

If your carpets are dirty then you might think about cleaning them yourself or hiring a professional carpet cleaner. A major advantage of cleaning your carpet yourself will save you money. You will have to make sure you get the correct cleaning solutions and equipment. You can rent carpet cleaning equipment, but how do you […] Read more »

Using Baking Soda as Carpet Cleaner

carpet cleaner

Baking soda can be nature’s deodorizer for your smelly carpets! However, do you know the disadvantages of using baking soda as a carpet cleaner ? Sprinkle baking soda on the odor causing area and it will absorb the odor and it will potentially get rid of the bad odors that are in your carpets. Including […] Read more »

Carpet Cleaning For Animal Lovers

We love our pets! In fact, bringing an animal into your home is shown to reduce blood pressure and combat depression. These furry additions seem to be the missing piece to our family. Unfortunately, allergies and pets aren’t always such a great match. They greet you at the door with wagging tails and purrs of […] Read more »

Restoring Your Carpet for the Fall

When Your Carpet Cleaning Needs Arrive Before Summer Is Over. Now that the kids have gone back to school, you may have looked around and noticed that the summertime activities have taken a toll on your once clean carpet. Your children or guests may have tracked in dirt and water from outside. Since your children […] Read more »

Carpet Cleaning Tips from Logan Carpet Cleaning

The most important thing anyone can do for their carpet is to vacuum at least once per week. When spot cleaning your carpet or furniture, apply the spot cleaner to a clean towel and blot the carpet or fabric; do not apply the cleaner straight to the carpet or furniture. By doing this, you are […] Read more »

5 Reasons To Use Logan Carpet Cleaning

Our technicians are certified, trained, and experienced to take care of your rug and carpet cleaning needs. We use the latest and highest quality chemicals to achieve the best results for your carpet and house. We have state of the art equipment and super duty new vans to get the job done right the first […] Read more »

How Carpet Cleaning in Kissimmee FL can get rid of allergens and dust mites

Allergens and dust mites are both dangerous to the physical well being of the household. When dust mites are allowed to settle on the carpet, serious health problems can develop. Allergens are one of the health problems that are directly caused by dust mites. On a larger influence, uncontrolled dust mites and allergens easily lead […] Read more »